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    Hiroko Sakai
    • Hiroko Sakai is a Japanese artist, and has been living and working in San Francisco California since 1998. The intense passion that she conveys in her art has inspired deep expressions of emotion in viewers over the years.

      "San Francisco, with its vibrant arts culture, became my second home and was a source of much inspiration. My differences are my strength and I can combine my Japanese and San Francisco backgrounds to produce powerful and unique art works here.

      When we tap into our powers of imagination, we are blooms of possibilities. I believe that I am one of the happiest creatures in the world because I have found what I am meant to do on this Earth and what I want to do from now on."

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    • The cool pieces of San Francisco life scenes which were captured thorough Hiroko's eyes make high quality stretched canvas prints, framed Art, posters and more on you demands.

      "As a painter, wherever I go, I take my camera with me to collect the reference pictures for my paintings. I've realized that some pictures started talking to me by itself. I'm glad if I could share those vivid inspirations with you through my photography."
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    • Books give you a chance to view many pieces of Hiroko's work for a very modest price. We are pleased to offer Art Lovers and Art Collectors all over the world those beautiful Art books filled with Hiroko Sakai's fantastic original artwork. Please enjoy your tour of her artistic development.
    • -Book Of Art
    • Metamorphosis
    • Rebirth
    • -Childrens Books
    • Purr-ple Power Cats Adventures
    • Okin The Panda Bear


Enjoy The Tour Of The Wold Of Illusions Depicted By Hiroko's Brushs.
  • Oil on canvas, 24 inch x 30 inch
  • Oil on canvas, 24 inch x 30 inch
  • Oil on canvas, 24 inch x 30 inch
  • Oil on canvas, 30 inch x 40 inch
  • Oil on canvas, 24 inch x 30 inch
  • Oil on canvas, 30 inch x 40 inch
  • Oil on canvas, 12 inch x 12 inch
  • Pencil and ink on paper, 15 inch x 18 inch

Hiroko transmits emotions through her brush to the viewers mind & heart. You can feel that her figurative art evolves many thoughts & ideas carrying you on a magical carpet to a world of dreams & fantasies. Hiroko; you are a genuine, sensitive & beautiful rose in bouquets of art!

- Art Beat

Ignoring Hiroko's art is impossible. Viewing her images is a forbidden trip into her surrealistic subconscious. To the eye of Hiroko, nothing is quite so simple, and nothing is quite profane; in her exploration of human nature, anything and everything can be imagined, from insatiable lust to infinite beauty.

- Eric Seligson

Hiroko's work speaks so strongly about mystery -almost surrealistically, about struggle, love, passion, and spirituality... She just keep getting better and better. I would love to see all her work in a large exhibition someday...lets hope for this to happen.

- Michelle Bussy

Not Only Original Oil Paintings, Hiroko's Art Is Available In Your Style!

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